How to import a motorcycle with the help of motorcycle importers

Table of Contents Visit customs and pay a feeTake photosManufacturersContract from motorcycle importersWhat if the motorcycle is not in a good condition? To get a motorcycle out of the country, you need motorcycle importers. It’s a long process  that usually starts with you going to the customs office to officially […]

To get a motorcycle out of the country, you need motorcycle importers. It’s a long process  that usually starts with you going to the customs office to officially give them an authorization. This important, since it essentially gives them permission to import the motorcycle. This is just the beginning though. How to import a motorcycle? You’ll find the answer in this article.

Visit customs and pay a fee

To import a motorcycle, go to customs and ask for information. They accept payment and then after a form is filled out and verified. After paying a fee you can then bring the motorcycle into the country. Always use the help of motorcycle importers. The process for what you need to bring with you is different for each individual. If you are importing a BMX, there may be different regulations and requirements. There is also paperwork to fill out for the customs office. You should only bring documents or copies of the necessary documents so that there is no dispute about what you were importing.

Take photos

It’s very important that you take photos of the motorcycle when you bring it in. They do require you to have photos of the motorcycle, the truck, the trailer, and the trailer itself. If there is any doubt about what you are important, you will have to submit the motorcycle for X-ray to make sure the motorcycle is not a replica. If the motorcycle is a replica, then you will be charged a fee to send it to the manufacturer, and the government will reimburse the rest of the expenses. Make sure you bring the receipt or proof of payment from the manufacturer.


If the motorcycle is in good condition, then you are permitted to take it straight to the dealer. They will then send the manufacturer and the importer a form. The importer will fill out this form for you and send it back to the dealer. Then the dealer will send the dealer a bill for the expenses, and you will pay cash for the motorcycle.

Contract from motorcycle importers

The fees may be different depending on where you import it from. For example, if you were importing it from Italy, then the fees will usually be lower than if it’s from the United States. Make sure you read the fine print when you are purchasing the motorcycle. Most motorcycle importers will have a clause in the contract that states that the motorcycle must be in good condition, and they will not sell you a motorcycle that is not in good condition. So make sure that you know what is in good condition when you buy the motorcycle. If you know you need to take it to the dealer for some minor repairs, then the dealer can give you a prepaid invoice.

What if the motorcycle is not in a good condition?

If the motorcycle is not in good condition, then you must send it to the manufacturer. You can write to them directly to let them know that you require the motorcycle. The manufacturer is allowed to inspect the motorcycle and determine that it is in good condition and therefore may not be exported. In this case the manufacturer will reimburse you for all expenses so that you do not have to pay for the motorcycle.  However, in most cases, it’s better to have the motorcycle sent to the manufacturer for inspection. If the manufacturer decides that the motorcycle is in good condition, then they can refund all expenses.

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